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Stang-up Meeting


We all have strengths to bring to the table. Identifying and enhancing them can be the difference between your organisational objectives being met, or even surpassed.
This is one of our favourite types of coaching. It is a powerful experience to witness and experience the impact these workshops have. One of the greatest impacts being toward you, the leadership, for providing the opportunity for your team members to learn about themselves, to find their individual strength and apply it to the work that they do. Happy, cohesive and productive teams are what we all want right? Empowering them to be the best they possibly can be sets you free, allowing everyone to focus on what is truly important, achieving organisational goals with the best possible outcomes. 
"Akin to how a coach doesn’t rush into the field and actually play for their team, a Multiplier avoids the temptation to
jump in and solve problems for the team or take charge on the direction when things are going astray. Give other
people the investment, mentorship and ownership they need to produce results independent of you, the leader".
- Liz Wiseman (Multipliers)
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