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With a wealth of experience working with individuals in one to one and group workshop sessions Stuart is a master of discovering productivity through happiness. 

Over a decade of C-suite experience has helped Stuart develop his theories and techniques, all through a passion for leadership and mentoring motivated individuals. Stuart has a unique ability to discover your innate talents, draw them forth and guide you toward discovering your purpose in life and by extension your happiness. 


"A goal is a place to come from, not to go toward. My greatest excitement comes from seeing that light bulb moment when a person working with me has a personal insight, pure clarity follows, they see past what was blocking them, their limiting beliefs. They then go on and achieve things they never thought possible, and they do it from a place of happiness".

Stuart Isham Fairbairns, CEO, Co-founder & Senior Coach

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[Your] Happiness Drives [Your] Success. On the whole we live this in reverse, believing that once we get to 'that-stage' or achieve 'that thing' all will be well and I will be happy. The reality is that if we are not happy in our lives today our motivation and ultimate success are severely challenged. I am not saying it is impossible, but wouldn’t you rather be happy? And I mean, YOUR happy. Not mine, not his or hers, YOURS. Happiness is a subjective thing compiled of a complex bundle of habits formed over time. It is up to you to find your happiness which can be hard, so let's find it together.

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EP001: Find Some Happiness Today. Goals: Emotional Cycle Over Time

EP:002 Life Balance: Not easier, but stronger. Get organised and smash your goals!

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