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Your transformation begins with you.

Taking that first step through life-changing performance coaching empowers you to discover clarity and inspiration on what you truly desire, the focus to create plans to get there and the motivation to make it happen. 
"I want more in my life. I have dreams but I don't know how to get them, or how to begin." 

This is something we hear a lot from our clients. These are often people with great success in their lives, truly exceptional people, like you - but they are still not happy. Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your personal life, or professional career. You don't have want you envisioned in your life, something just doesn't feel right and you wonder if you are not living up to your 
full potential. You seek clarity to follow your passions and inspire action toward your best possible future. We are here to help.
Living the best possible version of yourself and reaching your greatest potential is a dream too far off for many. Some may have given up all together. It is still possible, it always is, no matter what stage of life you are at, no matter your experiences, your education or your preferences.  

At Motivate we set out as motivational sherpas guiding you forward as you unlock and unleash your greatest potential. From start to finish we walk at your side as you take each step forward to a better life. Whether as an individual, a team or group of people it is through transformative conversations, the application of powerful tools, living intentionally and healthy habits that you find success.

Create your future, inspire your life and live your greatest possible potential.
"[Your] Happiness Drives [Your] Success"

- Stuart Isham Fairbairns

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Client Testimonial
"Initially I didn't know how, or if coaching could help me. I wanted change, to be a confident leader. I had listened to Stuart's podcast and decided to give it a try. Today I am the confident leader I always wanted to be, motivated and achieving. I will be forever grateful for the support and guidance that Stuart provided me and recommend you too spend some time with this genius of happiness. 
-  Jason, Royal Marine
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Your Coach
Stuart Fairbairns has spent the past two decades as a business leader, coach and personal development mentor in a variety of industries.
Stuart has a wealth of experience in working with individuals one on one through personal and professional development. His career began in the corporate world where strategic integration and business development filled his days. This led to establishing multiple businesses in the conservation and social development arenas. With a passion for people and business Stuart has rare and unique abilities. Guiding you to discover the core issues that stand in between you and your greatest success for you personally and where relevant for your teams and your business.
Over the past decade Stuart has supported hundreds of people from around the world. Stuart is a gifted coach who gets to the heart of what his clients want and helps them unleash their greatest possible potential to achieve it. 

"My greatest passion is seeing that light bulb moment when a person sees past their issues and achieves things they never thought possible"
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Client Testimonial
"Stuart is an exceptional individual.
He is an expert at reading and understanding people. Listening with great curiosity and with calm confidence. Stuart explores issues with the intention of guiding you forward gently to reveal the true core of what stands in your way. His core theory, 'happiness drives success' is evident throughout his approach and tools and the results are unquestionable. I have seen this through my personal coaching as well as that of my senior staff. 
Stuart is a happiness-genius that will guide you toward greater success in your life."
- Tawanda Muzeketwa, CEO 
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"There are unlocks for us all, unleashing our greatest potential. The trick is finding the right tools to
get us there, because there are as many right answers as there are individuals in the world."
-  Stuart Isham Fairbairns, CEO & Coach
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