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5 ways to find light in the dark

I was recently asked, how do you find the light when you are surrounded by darkness. I started responding and decided it is worth putting a blog together. I think this is more common than we may think, or like to admit - it is tough to find the light when you feel dark and are stuck. There are numerous ways to do this, and often it can be unique to you. As you know I always say, happiness is subjective. That being said there are some ways that have been proven time and time again, even scientifically to be beneficial in helping us find positivity and shed some light in the areas where we wish to. It takes practice remember, the more you put in the more you get out.

First off you need to allow yourself to feel the way you do. The world around us today makes it tough to keep positive, so much information and news (real and fake) pulling us this way and that. On top of that our local/personal experiences and stresses piling on top, it can get overwhelming. Most worry is external to us and whether we can do something about it or not, worrying does not help. Sounds great in theory, right? How do you put it into practice? How do we stop the external world influencing our internal worlds so much? Take control over what you can. Here are my thoughts and some actions to try, they all take discipline and consistent practice, like learning anything, repetition = proficient action.

1) You cannot control what goes on in the external world around you. Accepting this and letting those stresses go is freeing and helps you find a sense of grounding. Meditation can really help here, even if when doing it you don't feel or think it is doing anything, it is working, stick at it.

2) Be kind to yourself. Take some time to journal on your thoughts and as you do pay attention to what you are feeling, and where you are feeling it. Sit in it and explore the feelings.

3) Make an impact. Do something for someone external to you. Give time, effort, energy in the act of helping others.

4) Spread Kindness. Make it a mission to have a positive exchange with someone each day. Whether the waiter at a restaurant or call center worker on the phone. Understand they too are getting through their day, taking the time to connect can drastically change their and your day.

5) Insta-happiness. Seek activities and hobbies that bring you joy. These are the building blocks of regular motivation. Mix it up and try a different one each day - use these as a fun/enjoyable thing to experience each day - they will do much more than this for you in the long run.

In conclusion, we are not looking for revelations here or even instant gratification in many cases, but seeking insight. If happiness comes from within you are the one that needs to work at finding it, each practice is a building block in the bridge between your perceived darkness and discovering happiness.

Head on over to the Facebook community and keep the questions and sharing coming folks, come join the family. See you there :)

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