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The Captain Goes Down with the Ship

Firstly, it is an honour for any of us to be the captain and it is equally as much an honour to go down with the ship, should that become the case. What I would like to do over the next couple of days is provide captains (i.e. business leaders) some guidance through difficult times.

It has becoming increasingly more apparent in this time of COVID-19 the enormity of effects it is having on the world and most of all on the world’s people. You who are reading this right now will have been affected in one way or another, is that not just incredible. The mind boggles. Some have been affected more than others and I see many business leaders suffering in silence whilst they deal with situations, they hoped they would never have to. I want to help.

The short blog series over the next couple of days is largely aimed at business leaders who are having to deal with difficult scenarios as a result of COVID-19. I like you, as a business leader have been impacted personally as well as in business and by extension our teams. It is not easy and it is OK to feel that way.

What has come up numerous times from those I have talked with in the business arena is two main challenges in specific. These being, delivering bad news and second keeping teams motivated whilst working remotely (from home mostly). I want to address these two areas and offer to you some guidance of how to approach these difficult topics.

Tomorrows topic is, ‘Giving Bad News to Team Members, and Fridays will focus on Motivating Teams Who Are Working Remotely.’

I am always available to you to talk deeper and work on your personal and your businesses approaches to any such situations that you need to deal with. Feel free to reach out on the Motivate-Coaching website.

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